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Building & Grounds - St. Theresa’s

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Welcome Friends!

Let me introduce myself if you don’t know who I am.

My name is Mark Walcheske and I am the Buildings and Grounds
chairperson for St. Theresa church. I have held this position since 2005.

Since 2005, we as a parish have accomplished many tasks and
tackled many improvements to the physical structure of the church.
We are truly blessed to have many knowledgeable, dedicated had
working people in our parish  who truly care about the upkeep and  
maintenance of our facilities.

Some of the past projects we have accomplished are; Tuck pointing
church [2014] Painting exterior windows [2015] steeple repair  [2004]
new heating and air conditioning[2005] new rain gutters on church [2015]  

Our latest effort as of this posting is investigating and hopefully
moving forward with redecorating the interior of the church. We
are currently in the process of selecting a designer. The decorating
committee will be giving the designer direction on art work such as
designs, murals, colors, fabrics, materials. It will be the designers job
to take our ideas and make them conform to church standards
while producing a design that we agree on.


The decorating committee members are– Chairpersons
Rick and Bonnie Pahl- Karen Scheberal, Jodie Stegar, Lee and Monica Bluel, Dave and Tami Vodak, Jim Ruecker with input from Fr. Tom.


We hope to have a design by November 1st 2016, with  the different trades bidding on the work and under contract by the end of January, so we can move forward with work spring and summer 2017


And so it begins! We have Proxy in hand.

We have started demolition of the interior of the church. The carpeting was removed, the wall paneling was removed to expose the plaster  and lathe underneath. The pews were stripped of their kneelers and hardware  that fastens them to the floor.  There were some pleasant surprises. The columns that support the choir loft were exposed to reveal very ornate mouldings. The choir loft face was exposed to reveal plaster cast designs. These will be refurbished to add to the beauty of Gods house. A beautiful stain glass panel was uncovered in the bell tower, the committee is deciding on how to incorporate this into the entryway.

Thanks to all that helped, Jim Polster,Mike Bodden,Rick Pahl ,Lee, Monica,Heather Bluel, Dave&Tami Vodak ,Dave Schwemer,Jodie &Lynne Steger, Jeff Ruecker,Karen Schaberal,Jan Reuter,Eileen Lifke,Jim Reucker, Marlene Adelmeyer, Joe Adelmeyer,Todd Bodden,Annette Walcheske

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