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Catholic Formation

Religious Education Coordinators

Director of Religious Education (K-11)

St. Mary - St. Andrew - St. Theresa

Nicole Glogovsky

920-387-2920 x336 (office)

262-484-2155 (cell)


Jessie Janssen


In our combined, three parish program, we see each student as a unique and cherished gift from God.

We are committed to working with families to help students grow in faith by proclaiming the message of Jesus, helping them to serve others, and providing prayer opportunities.

Our excellent team of catechists help stimulate creativity and interest by using a variety of learning formats and educational techniques.

Through our religious education program we feel that catechists and parents, working together, can only enrich each other as we share our gift of faith. We hope you enjoy exploring this site.  

Anyone is invited to join us

for any of our meetings.

New members are always welcome!! 


Don't forget to turn in your registration forms for the 2023-2024 Christian Formation school year!

I am excited to see all of our students return for another great year of Religious Education! Classes for this upcoming year will be held on alternating Wednesday evenings for K-5th grade and 6th - 11th grade. 

Please see registration forms for more information. Forms are located in the back of our parishes. If you have any questions please call 920-387-2920 x336 or email and I will be happy to help! If there is a concern about tuition, please contact me.

Have a blessed day!

-Nicole Glogovsky, DRE

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Christian Formation Education Committee

November 28, 2023 Minutes

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